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UFOArchives: Your Guide to finding UFO-related archives in libraries: Major Collections

UFOs flying over ocean

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My name is Pete McDonnell - I'm a librarian and Associate Professor at Bemidji State University, in Bemidji, MN.  I'm very interested in Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon (or UAP, also known as UFOs) and related anomalous phenomena, and am keen to share this information with others.

So, I've put together this not-quite-comprehensive resource to help you discover UFO-related archives, most of which are housed in academic libraries in the United States (with a few exceptions)

I hope you find this resource useful.  Please contact me if you have any questions about the guide -  I'm happy to help!

Last revision: May 27, 2023

Creator: Pete McDonnell, Bemidji State University, A. C. Clark Library


tel: (218) 755-2967


Archives of the Impossible – Rice University

These are highly-recommended, premier archival collections of UFO researchers and experiencers, housed at Rice University's Fondren Library, Woodson Research Center. NOTE: New collections are being continually added to the Archives of the Impossible, so check back often!


Archives of the Impossible at Rice University

A few of the important collections of the archives include:


Anne and Whitley Strieber Collection 

Jacques Vallee UFO and paranormal phenomena papers -- under embargo until 2028. 

Richard F. Haines Ufology papers 

Brenda Denzler Ufology archive   

Larry W. Bryant UFO research collection 



John E. Mack Archives - Archives of the Impossible at Rice University

John Mack was a Harvard professor and psychiatrist, and a key figure in the UFO abductee/experiencer movement. Rice University acquired the John E. Mack archives in 2023. It is primarily a print collection of around 200 boxes or 450 linear feet of records or files, with a companion archive located at Harvard University (unprocessed as of Summer 2024). More descriptive information to come as processing begins, as well as polices regarding access to the collection, due to the extensive amounts of sensitive and private data in the archives.

Other "big-hitters"

AFU - Archives for the Unexplained (Largest collection of research materials on UFO's and the paranormal in the world, based in Sweden)


Anomaly Archives (non-profit organization that seeks to preserve and disseminate scientific research into anomalous phenomena, including UFOs)


J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies

The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS), founded by pioneering UFO researcher and Project Blue Book scientific advisor J. Allen Hynek in 1973, promotes serious scientific interest in the UFO phenomenon, and serves as an archive for reports, documents, and publications about the UFO phenomenon.  Site contains rich archive of original case reports, documents, and articles from many CUFOS publications, including the seminal International UFO Reporter.

Project 1947 (Archive documenting the modern UFO phenomenon created by researcher Jan Aldrich, containing early-era UFO reports, newspaper articles, and contemporary accounts.


Expanding Frontiers Research (non-profit research organization committed to collecting, preserving, and archiving historical information regarding UFOs, including FOIA documents, correspondence from major UFO researchers, and more)


J Allen Hynek personal papers (Northwestern)


William E. Jones Collection on UFOs (Ohio State University) 


Betty and Barney Hill Papers, 1961-2006 (University of New Hampshire) 


Richard F. Haines papers, 1945-2017 (Separate from Rice University's archive of his papers)


Kenneth Ring papers (academic researcher of Near Death Experience and UFOs) 


R. Leo Sprinkle papers (U Wyoming psychologist researching abductee/experiencer) 


James E. McDonald papers, 1904-1997 (Atmospheric physicist and major UFO researcher)


Frank B. Salisbury papers, 1943-2011 (Plant physiologist and UFO researcher)