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UFOArchives: Your Guide to finding UFO-related archives in libraries: Subsidiary collections

UFOs flying over ocean

(image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Papers of other UFO researchers (both amateur and professional)

Budd Hopkins (mostly art related, but has manuscript for one of his UFO books – Smithsonian) 


Otto Binder papers – Texas A&M (sci fi author who wrote extensively on UFOs) 


Gray Barker (UFO writer, founder of The Saucerian magazine, and hoaxer) 


Paul R. Hill Collection, 1936-1996 (renowned NASA engineer and UFO enthusiast) 


Ted Bloecher papers 1950-2000 (retired actor and member of the New York City Gay Men's Chorus, former officer of NICAP, and 30 year career researching UFOs) 


Jack D. Pickett papers, 1950s-2006 (UFO researcher and expert on experimental and unconventional military aircraft) 


Leon Davidson's flying saucer collection, 1950-1980 (UFO researcher for USAF) 


Roy Craig Collection on the Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects: 1963-ca. 2002 (chief field investigator for the Condon Committee report) 

Chester C. Grusinski papers, 1952-1994 (Naval officer’s personal documents regarding UFO incident in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 1958) 




Marcello Truzzi papers 1970-2003 (Sociologist and UFO/paranormal researcher) 


The Barry H. Downing Manuscript Collection (Presbyterian minister and UFO author/researcher) 


E.A. Kral, Paranormal Collection 


Robert Alan Goldberg papers 1880-2019 (academic researcher of American fringe social movements) 

Carlos Allende papers, 1943-1994 (bulk 1957-1984) (eccentric UFO/aliens researcher and supposed witness to the "Philadelphia Experiment”)


UFO Research Australia – State Library of South Australia (Collection of Australian and overseas UFO organizations; correspondence; reports and analysis of UFO sightings) 


Karl Pflock UFO Collection (UFO Researcher and government official) 

Harlan J. Smith papers circa 1930-1995 (UT-Austin astronomer) 


Virginia Beach UFO sightings reports, 1946-2009  - Cameron K.F. Pack donation 


Records of the UFO Club of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1947-1969 

(Formed in the mid-1960s, the UFO Club of IUP was dedicated to researching UFOs. Collection is housed in one archival box, and contains papers about UFO sighting reports, club newsletters, books, magazines, and other related publications.) 

Skeptics and Debunkers

Philip J. Klass Collection 1948-2000 (American Philosophical Society) 


The Curtis Peebles Personal Papers (San Diego Air and Space Museum Library and Archives) 


Edward Condon UFO collection, ca. 1947-1969 (American Philosophical Society) 


Papers of Donald Howard Menzel (Harvard astronomer and leading UFO skeptic - mostly to Menzel's professional activities and scientific research