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UFOArchives: Your Guide to finding UFO-related archives in libraries: "Coming Soon" and Project Blue Book

UFOs flying over ocean

(image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Project Blue Book and other Government Documents

Project Blue Book - US National Archives


The Black Vault (US Government documents released via FOIA requests) 


Project Blue Book Copies of Records, 1947-1977 (photocopied records and material for TV show) 



"COMING SOON" - major collections in the process of being processed and/or donated

Chris Rutkowski UFO Archives (U Manitoba – NOT YET PROCESSED) 

News articles about the archive: 


John E. Mack Archives - Archives of the Impossible at Rice University

John Mack was a Harvard professor and psychiatrist, and a key figure in the UFO abductee/experiencer movement. Rice University acquired the John E. Mack archives in 2023. It is primarily a print collection of circa 200 boxes, with a companion archive located at Harvard University (also unprocessed as of Summer 2023). More descriptive information to come as processing begins:


Stanton Friedman (donated to State Archives of New Brunswick, CA - “coming soon”)