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Browser Security Changes and Database Access

Troubleshooting guide for impacts of increased browser security

Browser Security Changes and Database Access

In recent years, there have been changes to online privacy laws.  In order to avoid lawsuits, most of the major browser manufacturers, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla Firefox are being forced to make their browsers more secure.  Currently, these security enhancements are "opt-in".

When are these changes happening?

The browser changes are already happening, with Apple now providing enhanced browser security with iCloud Private Relay, an opt-in service.  Chrome began rolling out more security features in early 2024.  Other browsers are likely to follow suit in the coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions - browser security and database access

As an on-campus user, I haven't had to log in to the library resources before.  Why now?

Currently, on-campus users of the library are not required to log in.  However, if you have a security feature such as Apple's iCloud Private Relay enabled on your device, you may be prompted to log in.  This is due to the IP address being masked by the browser.

I'm a BSU student/faculty/staff accessing the library resources on-campus, and am being prompted to log in.  What do I do?

If you are using a service that masks your IP address, you may need to log in to the library's proxy server.  Simply enter your starID and starID password at the login screen, and you will be authenticated as an authorized user of the resource.  Alternatively, you can temporarily disable the security feature, to allow your IP address to be visible to the network, and bypass the login.

I've enabled iCloud Private Relay on my Apple device.  How do I log into the library resources?

Since iCloud Private Relay masks your IP address, you will need to authenticate (log in) to the library resources with your starID and starID password.  If you don't wish to log in every time, temporarily disable the Private Relay security feature on your iOS/iPadOS device.

I'm a community member accessing the library via the guest wi-fi, and am being prompted to log in.  What do I do?

If you have an IP-masking feature (such as iCloud Private Relay) enabled on your device, you can still log into the library resources as a guest.  Simply request the current password at the Reference Desk; note that the password changes regularly.  At the login screen, simply enter the username (guest) and password.  Once you are authenticated as a guest, you can access the resources while in the library building.  Alternatively, turning off iCloud Private Relay will allow access without having to log in.

Can I access the library resources on my phone?  Do I have to log in?

Yes.  As long as you are using a cell signal when accessing the library resources, you will be required to log in with your starID and starID password.  Community members can use the "guest" username and password; please see the Reference Desk for assistance.

I'm a community member using one of the library's community computers.  Can I enable iCloud Private Relay, or similar IP-masking feature, on the browser?

Yes, but in doing so, you may be forced to log in via the proxy server.  If this happens, please see Reference Desk staff for assistance.

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