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Creating Research Assignments

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This guide was created with inspiration and material created by other libraries. We appreciate your thoughtfulness in creating the content..

Effective Research Assignments by Oregon State University Libraries, licensed under CC BY NC 4.0

Effective Research Assignments by Berkeley University Library.



12 words used to describe research assignments

Click on the image to see the entire infographic from Project Information Literacy. "PIL is a nonprofit research institute that conducts ongoing national studies on what it is like being a student in the digital age."

In a study of 191 course-related research assignment handouts distributed to undergraduate students across the U.S., Project Information Literacy (2010) found these handouts often lacked important information such as 1) how to define or focus research strategies, 2) guidance on how and where to conduct research, and 3) specific details on finding and using sources. Including practical guidance in a research assignment handout may go a long way in preparing students to succeed. 

This guide is meant to assist you as you create or review research assignments. Use the left-side toolbar to navigate this site.