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Research for Writing in Disciplines | ENGL 3150 | Fall 2020

Research for Writing in Disciplines

The purpose of this course guide is to assist you with doing research for Writing in Disciplines | ENGL 3150. It includes resources to use for searching for articles, some services you might need to use, and how to contact a librarian for further assistance. Use the menu on the left to navigate. 

Topic: History / Confederate monuments

Some tips on using the library's resources listed below for learning more about this topic:

  • If you're looking for some background information on the Confederacy, try Britannica Online.
  • If you just want to dive in, try OneSearch. This will allow you to search almost all of the Library's online article databases, e-books, and books from our physical collection all at once. 
  • Sometimes the large amount of results from OneSearch can be overwhelming. If that's the case, I recommend Jstor or Project Muse. Both have a lot of full-text articles, as well as e-books, and cover this topic well, and represent a smaller segment of research publications. 
  • America: History & Life: This is our "history" database, but I did not see a lot of articles in there on monuments. You might find use for this in terms of just the history of the Confederacy. 
  • New York Times 1851-2013: I was pleasantly surprised by my search for "confederate monuments" in this database. Because this archive goes back to 1851, you can find articles that really give you a sense of what people were saying and observing at the time. Newspaper articles written at the time of events make great primary sources for your research. 
  • All databases or catalogs, just like search engines or Google, have 3 things in common: 
    1. You perform a search for your topic.
    2. You'll get a list of results.
    3. There will be some mechanism to look through those results.


If you have any problems accessing these resources or finding what you need, please don't hesitate to contact me for help!