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Assigned Texts for HST 3117 Available via the Library: Home


Fall 2022: Dr. Ellis has assigned the book The Radicalism of the American Revolution for this class. It is available through the library as both an ebook and physical copy. See below for information on how to access or obtain a copy.


Ebook Format

First, please note that the publisher has set the following terms in place for ebook access:

  1. Only 1 user at a time is able to view the book. If the book is currently in use, you should see a message saying that it is in use or that it is checked out.
  2. You can read the book online ("Read Online") through the site or "Download Book" via the ebook reader, Adobe Digital Editions. (NOTE: if you choose to use the Download Book feature, you will need to create an account with ProQuest Ebook Central. It is strongly recommended that you not use any BSU/Star ID information for that account.)
  3. If a book is being viewed or "Read Online" (as opposed to downloaded),  the book will be available as soon as the user closes out the browser window, or after a short interval of inactivity. The book should then immediately be available for use by another user. 
  4. If a book is "Downloaded" to an E-reader, the book will be considered "checked out" and unvailable to other users for 24 hours. 
  5. This ebook is read-only; you cannot print or save it.

ebook record


The link to the eBook is below. You will need to log in with your Star ID information if you are off-campus:


Physical Format

The library owns a physical, or print copy of the book, but it will likely be checked out already if it has been assigned to a class like this. To check on the print availablity OR to request your own copy via our Interlibrary Loan service (free for students), start out at the book's record in our OneSearch catalog.

The record will show you if the BSU copy is available or not, and if it is not available, you can sign in to place a request for a copy. 

options if unavailable book in OneSearch

Once you've successfully signed in with your Star ID information, you should then see an option for Interlibrary Loan. Follow the instructions on the form to submit your request. We will attempt to borrow a copy for you from another library. 



Options to get unavailable book in OneSearch


Once the book arrives, you will be notified via your BSU email address. Loan periods depend on the library that loans us the book, but there is often an option for extending the loan period through renewing the book. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about this, or other library-related things! 

Tammy Bobrowsky, Librarian | Email | 218-755-4110